Cyprus Manchester United Supporters Club


Cyprus Manchester United Supporters Club is Cyprus’ officially recognised local fan club, dedicated to serve all official members of «the biggest club in the world». We aim to grow in statute by registering as many members as possible thus allowing us to offer to you the maximum benefits that you can enjoy from being official members of this famous club! In particular, our aim is to meet the demands of our members in respect of being able to provide you with tickets for any home match that is played in the magnificent Theatre of Dreams! In order to do so we need to register as many members as possible. If you are interested, the only thing that you need to do at the moment is to fill-in an application to become a member of our club.

All members who register are immediately greeted with a friendly phone call. Our representative in every district will provide you with the latest information on membership details, ticket raffles, local events and charities taking place in Cyprus.

To fill-in an application to become a member of our club, please click now on «Membership Packs». We hope to hear from you very soon!

Supporters Club Rules

“Club” means Manchester United Football Club Limited;

“MUSC” means an Official Manchester United supporters’ club;

“Official Member” means a person who is a member of the Official Membership Scheme;

“Official Membership Scheme” means the official membership scheme operated by the Club (which is separate to being a member of a MUSC);

“Season” means the football season (usually running from August to May inclusive) for which a Season Ticket is valid;

“Season Ticket” means a product entitling a person to attend certain competitive home matches of the Club taking place during the Season (subject to these terms and conditions);

“Stadium” means the Club’s ground at Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0RA

The Club believe that MUSCs provide a strong local community of Manchester United fans, the opportunity for combined travel to matches and a close link between the Club and its fanbase

We recognise that an allocation of tickets for home games is an important element in attracting Official Members to join local MUSCs. This Charter sets out the arrangements by which the Club, will recognise an MUSC and allocate tickets to MUSCs for allocation to Official Members. The MUSC network should be in partnership with the Club, supporting and promote the Club, including the Official Membership Scheme and Season Tickets.

In order to obtain and retain official recognition the MUSC must:

  • Have a name linked to the location of the Supporters Club
  • Be properly constituted and operate with a committee, elected by members, on an annual basis at the applicable MUSC AGM. This shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members
  • Attract sufficient Official Members and Season Ticket holders to meet a minimum threshold. This is to demonstrate that the MUSC has a significant fan base linked to the Club:
    • A minimum of 50 Official Members and/or Season Ticket holders must be registered with the MUSC by August 1st each season
    • All those registered, must reside in the same country / location of the MUSC.
  • Be non-profit making and have its own bank account in the name of the MUSC.
  • In August each season submit to the Club for approval the detail of any charges and benefits the MUSC provides to its members, e.g.:
    • membership of the MUSC
    • tickets and/or travel charges (both incurred and charged)
    • terms and conditions or rules applied to any of the above

Ensure the MUSC Committee and its members, comply with all applicable Club policies and terms and conditions (including Ground Regulations, terms and conditions relating to the use of Season Tickets and terms and conditions relating to the Official Membership Scheme).

  • On an annual basis submit for approval to the Supporters’ Club Liaison Officer, details of own partners / sponsors / advertising space sold on websites and magazines. The Club reserves the right to veto any arrangements that the MUSC proposes (acting in its sole discretion).

Failure to meet these standards can lead to a review of the MUSC official status and the Club may remove the official supporters’ club status. While circumstances of breaches are investigated, supporters’ club status may be suspended. Please note that inclusion in the Club’s yearbook does not mean official status is maintained throughout the season.

Please note: the rights set out in this Charter are provided by the Club on a discretionary basis and these rights (including provision of Season Tickets) can be removed at any time by the Club.

  • Access to priority booking periods, via the Supporters Club microsite for members’ match tickets
  • Ability to commit to a minimum number of tickets each season (see ticket allocation section)
  • Ability to block renew Official Memberships (a minimum of 20 per batch) details of which will be communicated each season
  • Right to use the Manchester United crest (in conjunction with Club brand guidelines and subject to approval by the Club) on MUSC websites. Other uses of the club crest are not permitted.
  • Attendance at biennial Supporters’ Club Representative Dinner at Old Trafford. The Club will announce each season the event and dates.
  • Eligible to put forward nominees for the Fans’ Forum Supporters’ Club representatives
  • Ability to apply for any number of new Season Tickets. Details will be communicated each season
  • Designated contact within MUFC: Supporters Club Liaison Officer

Season Tickets purchased by individual supporters who are members of the MUSC must be used by such person in line with the season ticket terms & conditions.

Season Tickets purchased by the MUSC (not in an individual name) must only be used by Official Members who are members of the MUSC. Each such user of MUSC season tickets must comply with all other season ticket terms & conditions. For the avoidance of doubt the person using the MUSC season ticket has no rights to transfer the season ticket for use by any person (other than other members of the MUSC who are also Official Members).

  • In June, all MUSC Secretaries will receive notification by email of that season’s ‘A’ games
  • The number of tickets that can be purchased for ‘A’ games is determined from a 1 ticket per X Official Member ratio (to be confirmed each season). E.g. If an MUSC has 80 Official Members by the deadline and we had set a ratio of 1 ticket per 10 members, that MUSC would be entitled to 8 tickets per ‘A’ game
  • For the remaining Premier League games, each MUSC may purchase up to 50 tickets for their members
  • Note: all match tickets must be assigned to and used by Official Members who are also members of the relevant MUSC.

Information will be communicated as we are drawn to play in a competition.

Two tickets for each domestic away game will be available to each MUSC with over 150 members who are also Official Members / Club season ticket holders. Subject to:

  • A minimum allocation of 2,500 tickets for the game by the home club
  • Only Season Ticket holders of the MUSC can use the tickets
  • The returning of a signed document, which will be sent to each MUSC in July asking for confirmation of the names of the people on the applicable MUSC committee

Failure to meet these guidelines can result in the revoking of this allocation.

No tickets for finals are available for MUSCs unless obtained through the ballot process.