Fixtures Table

The schedule table below is indicative of the dates and times of the home premier league fixtures of Manchester United (including the relevant tickets application dates) for the current season. Please note that dates and times are subject to changes.

Opposition Game Date Application Deadline
Chelsea  Sun, 11 August OPEN
Crystal Palace  Sat, 24 August OPEN
Leicester City Sat, 14 September OPEN
Arsenal Sat, 28 September OPEN
Liverpool Sat, 19 October OPEN
Brighton Sat, 9 November OPEN
Aston Villa Sat, 30 November OPEN
Tottenham Hotspur Tue, 03 December OPEN
Everton Sat, 14 December OPEN
Newcastle United Thu, 26 December OPEN
Norwich City Sat, 11 January OPEN
Burnley Tue, 21 January OPEN
Wolverhampton Sat, 01 February OPEN
Watford Sat, 22 February OPEN
Manchester City Sat, 07 March OPEN
Sheffield United Sat, 21 March OPEN
Bournemouth Sat, 11 April OPEN
Southampton Sat, 25 April OPEN
West Ham United Sat, 09 May OPEN